What are microgreens?


Microgreens are a superfood that contain up to 40 times the nutrient values as the adult plant. These tasty and healthy food plants are grown in a 7- to 21-day span, depending of seed type. They are harvested after the cotyledons (two large leaves) are growing and a third leaf, called the true leaf, just begins to emerge. At this early stage, they are very nutrient-dense and make a great addition to any type of meal.

Why are they gaining popularity?


They are gaining popularity due to their flavor, nutritional value and the endless ways to use them in meals, salads and snacks. They add so much to any meal – a great way to “zip up” an otherwise ordinary dish.

How do I use them?


Microgreens are fresh, crunchy and have distinct flavors. They can be eaten fresh or with cooked dishes, but if you are adding them to a hot dish, it is usually best to add the microgreens after the dish is finished cooking. For instance, cook a rice dish, then add in the microgreens before serving. Use them to top off burgers, brats, entrees or soups. Add them to tacos or other Mexican dishes. Add them to any type of salad or make them a staple of your smoothies. You are only limited by your imagination.

Are microgreens the same as sprouts?


No, they are very different. Sprouts include the roots of plants, whereas microgreens are the stem and leaves of the plant at a very early stage. It is during the early stage that the nutritional value is so strong.


Do you have a food safety plan?


Yes, we do! We take food safety and cleanliness very seriously.

  • We grow all our microgreens indoors, year-around in a controlled environment, so there are no bugs, pests, animals or nasty weather to deal with.

  • We use only filtered water for seed germination and during the vegetative stage.

  • We use coconut coir as our grow medium to germinate the seeds, so we’re not dealing with any unknown contaminants or chemicals.

  • We use liquid fertilizer that is OMRI-approved (Organic Materials Review Institute).

  • We never re-use our grow medium. It is composted for our outdoor garden.

  • Our grow trays are made of BPA-free plastic that is rated food grade/food safe. 

  • Our harvesting utensils and grow trays are cleaned and sanitized before each use. We carefully follow clean protocols during harvest and packaging.


How will your home delivery system work?


Subscribers to our home delivery service will go to our website and place an order via secured protocols. Payment is via credit card on an auto-recurring basis. We offer deliveries weekly or twice a month. To keep things simple, all communication will be done via text. Each home subscriber will set out a cooler on their front porch on the designated delivery day (we’ll send out a reminder text the day prior). We’ll drop them into the cooler, then text subscribers to let them know their product has arrived. It couldn’t be easier!

How do I change an order or cancel my service? 

Modifying your order or canceling your service is simple. Just send an email to info@microgreenskc.com and we will quickly act on your request. For instance, if you have been receiving radish microgreens and want to try out peas for a couple of weeks, send us an email and we'll gladly modify your order. In some instances, the grow cycle for certain varieties is long, so the change cycle may be a couple of weeks. 


How long will microgreens last in my refrigerator?


Our experience has been that they’ll last at least two weeks in the refrigerator. Like any fruit or vegetable that you buy at the store, wash before consuming, but only wash the portion you are going to use. Microgreens last longer in storage when dry and cool.